This blog is sick nasty. May many of your kickflips be radical in the future.


Just know that even if you do nothing else, you have left a beautiful legacy and made this website a less shitty waste of time

On our deathbeds, we’ll glance over at our Tumblr dash and see the notes continue to trickle in for Bullshit Police.

We’ll sigh weary, but content sighs as our nurses read to us the last angry anon message we’ll ever hear.

"Did you know that girls also complain about the friendzone, you guys are fucking dickheads"

Our legacy.

When are you guys going to pump out a new comic? I await anxiously.

It’s basically entirely on me. Not to make BIG FAT EXCUSES but I was super busy pre-summer, and then summer was so hot and gross, and now that summer’s over it’s like ”Do I even remember how to do anything”

I’ve been drawing more again so we’ll see hopefully? more comics someday


The Bullshit Police in “Friend Zone” cartoon is being just as sexist by only calling men out on it. There are plenty of women who do the same bullshit.

oh okay thanks

I have an odd question about the bullshit police (which is an amazing comic, by the way, I absolutely love it!)... Is the main perpetrator based on anyone in particular? Because he reminds my friends and I (the set of them, really) of a certain person on the internet (of relative fame and a remarkable physical likeness). If not, thank you for a wonderful, relevant, coincident, haha.


Hey! I know I am late to the party, but I just wanted to thank you for that "friend-zone" comic you guys posted about a month ago. It was literally the most perfect and hilarious comic about that term that I've seen. (Don't feel obligated to reply; I just thought you guys should know especially if anyone is still sending hate your way.)

Thanks friend!! I appreciate your kind words and those of anyone leaving us super nice comments. You guys are megacool.

To all y’all following this blog, I promise more soon. During summer I usually get super art blocked and don’t feel like drawing much but more’ll come. It’ll pass.

more soon

The Only Way to Ruin Parks and Recreation

Written by SungWon ProZD Cho

Illustrated by Jackson Siro Wyse

"hey remember mark brendangleman don’t you miss him and what he contributed to the show’s dynamic"

-no one

Javert Dealing with Awkward Social Situations

Written by SungWon ProZD Cho

Illustrated by Jackson Siro Wyse

There is a little Javert in all of us.

Sorry for the delay, guys, we were dicking around in Boston for PAX East.


The Dokidoki of Stoplight Suzumugu-chan

Written by SungWon ProZD Cho

Illustrated by Jackson Siro Wyse